Monday, January 26, 2015

It’s only ACNE…..So WHAT??!

For those of us who have been visited by Acne before and after puberty you will have to agree with me that it sucks to have acne/ break out/ pimple depending on what you really think you have or see on your face (Perception matters) hehehe. We hate to have another episode of acne all over our face. I find myself warning my sister to stop poking at her acne and then she would remind me of my College days when I had all of my face covered with acne that people could hardly notice my not-so-white teeth whenever I smiled.

My face looks like this now (Just try to imagine my face without the facial mask) and I have started getting all kinds of paranoid because I would hate to have acne all over my face AGAIN. I know it’s just ACNE (goodness me) and it isn’t that deep. Well, it is that deep because it makes one feel less confident about oneself. Especially these days that our outward appearance matters so much, no one wants to be having them acne all over their face. LOL

I have been trying so hard not to blame the reason of my acne on my visit to Israel.. (There will be another post about the beauty that is Israel) Because they are too busy preparing for their elections in March and no one would even think that been beautiful should really matter right now…REALLY! While this is true, I would like to say that I didn’t drink too much water to stay hydrated when I visited only less than 3 weeks ago. And you know what happens during winter? Your skin stays dry and dehydrated if you do not drink plenty of water or any fluids for that matter. I feared drinking water from the faucet even though I was advised to because it is safe. Knowing that the word ‘safe’ is relative, I swear I still had some doubts knowing that my system wouldn’t be so much in a happy place if I went back home. What about bottled water? At least they sold those right? Of course! They had mineral water, carbonated water, natural water et al. If you are from Nigeria, you know too well that drinking either a Sachet, borehole or bottle water was the purest form of drinking water. So, that left me no choice than to drink some of the water from the faucet.

The good news, is that I purchased these three items from the souvenir shop at the Dead Sea and was told that they could last me a period of 9 months. It remains to be seen if  they would perform the miracle of making my acne disappear soon enough.
P.S Ignore the bad lightning I am yet to be a pro at taking pictures with a cell phone, I need a major intervention....Has anyone tried using any facial masks before? Please share your thoughts.
Love, Laugh and Laughter...