Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I know you guys like me, always look forward to mid-weeks...Because 1) you are not in the sick bay, nor are you wasting away at the bar and 3) because you still have some 48 hours to make ‘right’ all the 'wrongs’ from the previous 48 hours… Believe it or not, for me, It is such a big deal to see any Wednesday.

 So, we just got over this 4- day holiday  (even though, my body is yet to accept this fact), and I hate to welcome you guys back on here with such a long post. However, like always I would love to leave y’all with something positive to help kick start your day or better still help you through the remainder of the week. It is a quote by Ambassador Brahimi the Joint Special Representative to Syria for the United Nations and League of Arab States who during a graduation speech in Georgetown University MSFS Class of ’14 encouraged the students to

Work  for that day of satisfaction, and those 800 days [of frustration] will look like nothing.”

 Moral of this is: Whatever your hands find doing, let it be one that brings you joy, happiness and contentment so that you'll never feel a day frustrated.

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Thursday, July 24, 2014

It was Love at First Sight...

It was love at first sight with us.. I saw him and I told him how lucky I was to have met him, and would be glad if he agreed to go home with me..
                                                                   * * *
It was July of 2008 that I said to myself I was going to spoil myself a little by taking a self-planned trip to this much talked about city.. I also met a benefactor who Jehovah used as a blessing to me to help increase my pocket money from 900 USD (Which I originally saved up for the trip)to 2500USD. Believe it or not this happened, but I digress.
As, I boarded this Ethiopian Airways flight with other 170 flight members, I could only think of one thing- meeting someone that we both could make history, that will be much talked about. You know that sorta feeling yeah? I was looking for that special one that would make me feel like butterflies have actually turned my stomach into their playground, so to say... Then, I snoozed off, after what I thought was an affirmation that my trip to Dubai would not only mean fun but could also mean having memories that would last for a lifetime.
As I was seated by the window seat of the said flight, and of course jamming to my ‘Affirmation’ album by Savage Garden, in no less than 30 minutes after that very pretty Ethiopian Air hostess made announcements for our final landing ( I like to believe that that was what I heard)lol. I was awoken by what seemed like a sharp tummy pain. Woo woo woo! I didn’t get my periods  yet. I thought to myself. Oh lord, how can? I had planned on being wild and silly upon meeting this special one. Oh Lord, please by your mercies, don’t allow this go bad for me yet I pray.
We finally landed and I saw myself making my way so fast like a mad girl to the baggage claim (I was very sure that I had hit this woman in her mid 40s. I glide fast before she could even react) so as to hurriedly head out to the Dubai mall. I did my research and had discovered that the must-see place  upon one's arrival was to go to the Malls. Hmmm, who would have thought? By the way that was some 2 years before Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai officially got commissioned. But anyone on a trip knows that they have to go to the Malls at least before they leave the city.
In that cab ride, which seemed like forever because we crawled in traffic (thanks to me and many other tourists), I was so anxious yet so nervous that I was so close to meeting the ‘one’. And just as we pulled up in front of the mall, and the taxi man told me the cab fare, I handed him 20 Dirham, not minding if I got a change or not, I went south of the mall.
I could immediately tell that it was him, He wasn’t so chocolatey like I had envisioned, but I could tell he loved the fact that I didn’t hold back my feelings (at least he told me this later). He had even noticed me before I noticed him which was good I forgot to tell you guys how I got into the store and was going around like I hadn’t found what it was that brought me there in the first place. I turned because I could feel his gaze on me, though terrified that I would be the first to talk to him. I just broke the silence and extending my hand to him, I said hello, not sure I had heard a response, I immediately asked if he could be mine forever, not sure of what he was about to say but it did feel like I was giving him ideas. But I was smug too soon. The vendor, who had since retired to his desk when I started the conversation with him, noticed the way we talked and left us two love birds to be alone. With our hand locked together, I took him with me, and headed to the vendor, he started to tell me how good my tastes for good things were and told me I could take him, my Canon Camera  for just 350 Dirham. That made a whole lot of sense since I was going to keep him with me everywhere I went, and we both would make stories of our lives together. On my part, I vowed never to let go of him forever.
 Awww, so touching right?..     Thank you all for not judging me and my first love. I just had to share the story behind our love....


Monday, July 21, 2014

5 Things I hate, the 6th is an ABOMINATION Ep. 2

 Remember the post I first did on this  subject sometime around June?  Well, here is a continuation..Let me apologize early as I would be bringing you 4 more episodes albeit later..*grins.* One of the perks of living in a state that is not your state of origin is that people always assume everyone is their tribe and should be able to understand their language or because you're in their city, there is a law that mandates its residents to be able to speak and understand that certain language. Nah, broda/ sista e no dey work like that.. Should I fault this? No! On the contrary this has to be to be to my advantage especially when it comes to bargaining at the market.  This is common place among the Hausas. I hear buying food stuffs can be that cheap if you know your onions- as in if you can speak basic to fluent Hausa.  On the other hand, this could also be a bad idea when you start off a conversation in English and they become offended either tagging you as one who’s ‘forming” not to speak a certain language (Yoruba or Igbo). Hmmm, people can go this far to make such assumptions. That's by the way. 
The other day I was at this market, and this brother (onion seller) who obviously wanted to talk idly said “aunty high- heel” in Yoruba and was shocked that the ‘aunty high- heel’ could also cuss in Yoruba. Fancy that! Lol.
Please for the sake of your holiness, if you fall under this category of people that always talk in ‘your own language’ because you think others don’t understand, can you stop making a fool of yourself? Have you not heard of the term “Global Village?” The world is going global, if it hasn’t already, and yes, us black people can even speak Chinese Mandarin, Polish and Hangul just to name a few…If your potty mouth wants to poop so badly, why don’t you just wait until that certain person has left earshot before you can begin any of your talks. Personally, I like to speak English to people upon making acquaintance with them (to avoid any disappointments of having them tell you for instance, I’m not Igbo blah blah blah).  And if we start getting chitty- chatty, I can now switch to my native tongue (again, that’s dependent upon the strong and might hands of the Holy Ghost).  Picture this. You switch to your native language and the person starts saying your Igbo or Yoruba isn’t close to what they’ve ever heard. Wouldn’t you just stay in the English lane and pretend that that never happened?
P.S Watch out for the subsequent episodes, and I promise that you’d be able to relate to one or all six of them.

Love always,

Saturday, July 19, 2014

#YOLO….5 Reasons you shouldn’t be YOLO-ING!

Hello guys! Apologies for the tardy post.. Yours truly had just recently gone through a difficult time this past week. From having my tooth temporarily replaced, and also having contacted a pink eye (for straight 4 days now) from my bean stalk lol…Thank you for sending those warm greetings!

For the love of all that is holy can we stop saying this YOLO for the following reasons;

1.      It is not an excuse to post an Instagram Selfie with that caption. Someone goes partying wild and naked, and next thing they upload a picture and caption it : YOLO. Are you this serious?!

2.      You’ve embarrassed yourself or someone else and tried to excuse it by declaring YOLO

3.      I just think that as an ADULT there should be some certain boundaries we need to set in life. Like seriously, a word like this shouldn’t even be in our dictionary whether it was intended for pun or not. I'm sure some so-called 'cool kids' hate to be associated with these. So why are the adults the ones having fun with all of these?

4.      You own personalized clothing with #SWAG, #YOLO, #EZEEGO and so on boldly printed on them. How can you be taken seriously?

5.      Last, just MAKE IT STOP (in Joan River’s voice). Because it’s like you’re making a MOCKERY of the creator Himself by telling him Hey! I own me, and He might surprise you with what He’ll do just next.

Have a fantabulous Saturday! I am just going to go out and jump ropes..

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Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you really deserve all of the Good Things in Life?

Like seriously, do we really deserve all of the fancy cars, fancy homes, pairs of shoes, nice clothes, wealth, and over all good health? YES! At some point in our lives, each of us have had to go through hell or high water (especially some of us that were born without any silver spoons) and feel that asking for one or all of the above wouldn’t and shouldn’t really be problematic. Regardless the fact that one was born with or without a spoon we still believe it’s God-given to be in possessions of all of the above and hence, the need to break forth.

If I must go the Biblical route, everything good comes from the Father above... If we profess that we are created in the image of Christ, then the more reason for us to be in good health, to be rich, to enjoy our naps, sleep, own jets, and more.  Don’t let anyone make you feel like there is a price tag on any of those. No, there really isn’t!

Anyway, don’t stop believing that all things are yours!

Stay Fabulous, its only MONDAY!

Thursday, July 10, 2014

Word of the Day

         Compliment People.

Magnify their strengths,

 Not their weaknesses.

Hey Lovers! I hope that while you guys are honing your craft, you are also able to have introspection… When do I compliment people, do I really wait for them to do likewise? NO! Personally, it’s an act of kindness in the sense that the person whom you just complimented may be going through a hard time or may have just had a bad day, and you just swinging by, and telling them those words could literally melt their hearts.

Be inspired to join those who constantly see the good in people and tell them, rather than those who notice other people’s weaknesses but THEIRS and see if your life wouldn’t turn around for the better..

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Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Do you prefer the 80s love to the Millennial Love?

Do you guys think that what people call love these days is just a farce as with some relationships/ marriages? Share with me a letter that was written by my Dad (R.I.P) 20 years ago to the love of his life- Mother that is *files nails* lol
                                                                                                                      7th June, 94
Nkem Darling,
I hope you must have received my message through Mr. Akaoke and that you are trying to cope still. How are you and the children? I know the strong remains of that of loneliness, insecurity and ‘fear’ but they should all be vanishing now.
I hope you are still your old self? This June is the time by God’s grace. You will get all you have missed. I do wish to meet you very healthy and with ‘enough skinbut not too fat. I decided to write to assure that I am okay. I am enclosing some money for your use.                                                                                

                                                                                                                    Your Love

Actually, the letter was long, but I’d like to lay emphasis on a few things. To say that the love people express these days is nothing short from disappointing is a better word for it. Little wonder some ladies/men mutter ‘I don’t want to get married’. Do I blame them? NO! Many feel like they are yet to find one, cause if the ma/woman they are  presently dating will be the same replica of a husband/wife they’d rather remain single. I am not in any way trying to compare the 70s, 80s, even 90s love with ours. Errrmm, may be, but you'll have to forgive me. So what exactly happened then that has ceased from happening in our time? In the past, very little people owned land phones, yet that didn’t stop dad to resort to letter writing. Presently, we literally live in the age of technology, yet, some wouldn’t even call or text their partners to ask how they been doing even if they took a WALK away from home. I have also heard that in Nigeria most men believe that once a woman is married to them, there wasn’t any need for the chase and that the only time they buzzed, texted or called per second was when they were still trying to woo their women- long hiss! Others would also say that since they were going to see their women later that day, or say return from a trip soon, that it made no sense trying to ‘waste’ call credit. (Now, ask yourself this. Does any of the above sound logical?) Yet, you guys will create more than enough time for things that don’t matter ehn kwa?
A man has to provide for his family. I expect that she understands that I’m always busy. (Oh, Brother, you should be lucky you have the ability to, because many are 6 feet below). This excuse is making me want to puke. You must also be aware that when you don’t make her your priority, another man will. It is that simple. What makes you think that our fathers or men in the 80s or even before didn’t commit to their wives amid the I-m-busy-chasing-paper lyrics?
More recently, I hear that because the women our days nag this has made it justifiably the reason love may seem to have eroded. Also, because the woman has added many pounds/ kilos that has made me love her less. Guy, you must be on dope or sizzrup to say the least. When you married her, was she as obese as you want to paint her now? Why don’t you tell her how you’d love for her to retain her size, or even help her achieve that.  Just because you feel she’s got those cellulites, stretch marks, sagged boobs, and so on suddenly you lost interest in the woman you said you’d spend your whole lifetime with? Purleease gimme a BREAK!
While I know that love many not entirely be the center of a RELATIONSHIP but Friendship, let alone the reason for marriage in the first place. I still think that one should be able to respect , tolerate, communicate, be open as well as loving to their partners so much that that they can stay yours . Real men are dedicated to ONE woman when they are involved with that WOMAN!

P.S   Ladies and Gents if you liked/ enjoyed this post, please feel free to leave your comments below, else I will go on a compulsory fast… lol

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Friday, July 4, 2014

Not wanting to have Children?...THINK AGAIN

In recent times, a topic of this nature would always cause emotions and indifference on so many levels. In fact, the internet is spun into frenzy at any slightest Google search on the topic. Lol. I am not going the culture route, before you “cultural voltrons” attack me, after all we all know that we are in the 21st century and cannot be doing what our parents did even some 3 decades ago. While times have changed, I will not reduce myself to talking about what will happen to those who never want to procreate in “our culture that is”! Back to the matter before us, allow me ask a simple question. If your spouse wakes one day to tell you that they do not want to have children. What would you do? SO I ask you guys to be honest with me would their decision of not wanting to bear you children cause a strain on your relationship?

Well, I think that the reasons could be one for health reasons more than economic hardship. I could also use other reasons such as difficulty( with child bearing as some women may have recounted to their female friends) or low sperm count as the case with the men). And last for fear of a damaged body. You know all those sagged boobs, those stretch marks, and a widened vah-jay-jay (ask your momma this)! Looking at it another way, your real existence is more of a responsibility than wanting to raise and care for a child I mean not like the baby would be needing extra things aside the love, clothes, a beautiful home, and all of the luxuries of this life and more. I would think that anyone who really wants the above should be able to do so to another being without ever batting an eye.. No be so? Again, I am no judge!

For me, I have never known I would be so much in love with another being. At some point, I have always thought myself as a narcissist. Ever since becoming a mother, I mean the moment that my little girl came forth, and that the nurses had to place her on my chest. From the cuddling, and the cries that ensued, I knew just from that moment that I no longer was a narcissist. I could literally give up everything just to make her smile. As if that was not enough, I remember us pulling up to a McDonald’s drive through on one Cold Saturday morning to buy our usual (French fries and Chicken) that is. I yawned, and she goes “Mommy are you tired?” at 21 months. I looked again just so to ascertain it was her speaking to me from her car seat behind. I said yes baby with a tear rolling down my cheek. This is just one of the things that daily endear me to her.  Do I sometimes feel like I’m overwhelmed with taking care of her? Heck yeah! I won’t start making up stories on how she’s such a beautiful girl and one not capable of any wrongdoing. Or that I’ve never spanked her tushy, because then I would be lying, but part of the pain is also good for testing how good a parent you are.

Again, I will not be quick to judge people based on the above reasons of health, economic, social, and physical. But if I were to do this again, I mean if I were to birth more kids, I would do so in an instant..

Hope you guys are honing your craft? Have a good Friday!!!

Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Say H.E.L.L.O. TO 30!

If you are not 30 yet, don’t fret. Are you 30 and above? Now say A-L-O-H-A! Don’t believe what they say about turning 30! I am not an ageist. So, please before you judge me, at least read what I have to say. I know it is July, like it is the 7th month and not even the end of 2014 yet so why the fuss? It’s nothing much really, but I am just excited to know that next year, I will be turning the big 30. You know what they say when you’re a 3 decades old? Read to find out more…lol

At 30 I hear that you could fall in love, fall out of love and may be do it all over again. I also hear that you are the happiest when at 30 as this leaves you with  8 years or so to tell your periods to bugger off (at least for those of us that sweat it, I mean hate it to make light the word). I also hear that it’s at this age that your genes are being put to test.  Like the world wants to know if you really got those bods of yours from your mama *winks*.You begin to ask yourself a question that’s often rhetoric. For instance ‘Am I going to look like this for the rest of my life’? And if per chance, you don’t like what you’re seeing, you can begin to work on yourself by keeping fit (I am not an advocate of those superficial or cosmetic procedures, because I can’t guarantee how you’d look with those). For those that want to still have babies, I hear that you’re at your prime at 30, don’t mind all that they say about being 30+ and the difficulties with child bearing).

The most interesting news is that at age 30, a young woman is said to be fulfilled- Like her best days starts off at 30. She begins to think like a 45 year old.  She begins to picture what her life would look like going forward especially when she involves Her maker. She has the tendency to work smart. She just wants to live a guilt-free live. The type that when one tries to tell her otherwise, you could tell them to take a piss off!   She begins to spend quality time with those that matter; she tends to be more focused. Re-evaluate her 5-year or 10-year plan. She understands empowerment. She is committed to being relevant in her community. She understands what loyalty means- as in she knows when to be there for her real friends (Remember, the smaller the circle, the better). She Invests in Real Estate. She plans her will. She travels, spends and save what is left or vice versa. When all would be said and done, when she becomes dead and gone, her memories live on.

H.E.L.L.O. 30!

It’s a spanking new month! Happy 1st of July guys ):