Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Do you prefer the 80s love to the Millennial Love?

Do you guys think that what people call love these days is just a farce as with some relationships/ marriages? Share with me a letter that was written by my Dad (R.I.P) 20 years ago to the love of his life- Mother that is *files nails* lol
                                                                                                                      7th June, 94
Nkem Darling,
I hope you must have received my message through Mr. Akaoke and that you are trying to cope still. How are you and the children? I know the strong remains of that of loneliness, insecurity and ‘fear’ but they should all be vanishing now.
I hope you are still your old self? This June is the time by God’s grace. You will get all you have missed. I do wish to meet you very healthy and with ‘enough skinbut not too fat. I decided to write to assure that I am okay. I am enclosing some money for your use.                                                                                

                                                                                                                    Your Love

Actually, the letter was long, but I’d like to lay emphasis on a few things. To say that the love people express these days is nothing short from disappointing is a better word for it. Little wonder some ladies/men mutter ‘I don’t want to get married’. Do I blame them? NO! Many feel like they are yet to find one, cause if the ma/woman they are  presently dating will be the same replica of a husband/wife they’d rather remain single. I am not in any way trying to compare the 70s, 80s, even 90s love with ours. Errrmm, may be, but you'll have to forgive me. So what exactly happened then that has ceased from happening in our time? In the past, very little people owned land phones, yet that didn’t stop dad to resort to letter writing. Presently, we literally live in the age of technology, yet, some wouldn’t even call or text their partners to ask how they been doing even if they took a WALK away from home. I have also heard that in Nigeria most men believe that once a woman is married to them, there wasn’t any need for the chase and that the only time they buzzed, texted or called per second was when they were still trying to woo their women- long hiss! Others would also say that since they were going to see their women later that day, or say return from a trip soon, that it made no sense trying to ‘waste’ call credit. (Now, ask yourself this. Does any of the above sound logical?) Yet, you guys will create more than enough time for things that don’t matter ehn kwa?
A man has to provide for his family. I expect that she understands that I’m always busy. (Oh, Brother, you should be lucky you have the ability to, because many are 6 feet below). This excuse is making me want to puke. You must also be aware that when you don’t make her your priority, another man will. It is that simple. What makes you think that our fathers or men in the 80s or even before didn’t commit to their wives amid the I-m-busy-chasing-paper lyrics?
More recently, I hear that because the women our days nag this has made it justifiably the reason love may seem to have eroded. Also, because the woman has added many pounds/ kilos that has made me love her less. Guy, you must be on dope or sizzrup to say the least. When you married her, was she as obese as you want to paint her now? Why don’t you tell her how you’d love for her to retain her size, or even help her achieve that.  Just because you feel she’s got those cellulites, stretch marks, sagged boobs, and so on suddenly you lost interest in the woman you said you’d spend your whole lifetime with? Purleease gimme a BREAK!
While I know that love many not entirely be the center of a RELATIONSHIP but Friendship, let alone the reason for marriage in the first place. I still think that one should be able to respect , tolerate, communicate, be open as well as loving to their partners so much that that they can stay yours . Real men are dedicated to ONE woman when they are involved with that WOMAN!

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Photo Credit: Mom’s Archives, 20years in Love, RIP Dadda.


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