Monday, July 14, 2014

Do you really deserve all of the Good Things in Life?

Like seriously, do we really deserve all of the fancy cars, fancy homes, pairs of shoes, nice clothes, wealth, and over all good health? YES! At some point in our lives, each of us have had to go through hell or high water (especially some of us that were born without any silver spoons) and feel that asking for one or all of the above wouldn’t and shouldn’t really be problematic. Regardless the fact that one was born with or without a spoon we still believe it’s God-given to be in possessions of all of the above and hence, the need to break forth.

If I must go the Biblical route, everything good comes from the Father above... If we profess that we are created in the image of Christ, then the more reason for us to be in good health, to be rich, to enjoy our naps, sleep, own jets, and more.  Don’t let anyone make you feel like there is a price tag on any of those. No, there really isn’t!

Anyway, don’t stop believing that all things are yours!

Stay Fabulous, its only MONDAY!

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  1. Nice one chic. A lot of folks need to renew their minds. They go "but the devil tempted Jesus with the things of the world because the devil owns them". No! God created d world & d fullness thereof but Adam sold out which was why d devil used d phrase "FOR THAT IS DELIVERED UNTO ME" when tempting Jesus.
    Well, all things are mine coz Jesus via his death & resurrection restored everything back to us.