Friday, August 29, 2014

Ladies, Do You Apply Lotion to Your Tits, Tummy and Thighs?

I have asked three people though as is not enough evidence that this may be a good or a bad idea. I am helpless as well as clueless that I have come asking you guys to please tell me who came up with this.  Well, I also have researched this many times over, and there seems to be not even one correlation between loose skins/ stretch marks and body lotions.
I love me, and I am unashamedly going to show you a picture of my "after-bath routine"; I love to caress those breasts when applying lotion. I like to do that myself again another reason I enjoy applying lotion in the mornings and at nights. My mom got me scared as hell when she told me that applying lotion on my breasts, tummy and thighs could potentially make them lose their elasticity. Ela- what? I ain't finna let that happen (In my Alabaman voice). I cannot imagine them losing their elasticity, which pushed me to the internet to find answers. Oh, and by the way, I didn’t tell ya that you can be privy to information online, and on various subjects too....Hmm, ever heard of the saying that goes thus “Yanga dey sleep, trouble go wake am.?  I was of course looking for lasting solutions to the damage I may have caused my skin from everyday lotion application when I stumbled upon this one that puts everything into perspective. “Stretch marks cannot be virtually removed fully without surgical procedures.. and you shouldn’t even think of spending tens of thousands of dollars for a tummy tuck because weight gain might cause newer ones to resurface. This right here is one cold hard truth. What I thought I have been doing since was to rid the lines formed in my dermis and the only way I thought I could possibly be doing so was by applying lotion to make my skin firmer or tighter if you will.

In essence, there was no one article on why you shouldn’t lotion caress your tits, tummy or even thighs when you are applying your lotion  as newer marks might appear whether from a dermis  which is by virtue of being pregnant (and odds, are you will get them too especially by genetics) or by weight gain. You might just want to check in with your dermatologist to be sure of the properties/content of your lotion, as a preventive method against skin cancer. I could even sense that some of you rub your tummy in a circular motion while saying those silent prayers hoping to show off a baby bump soon. I know right.. That in itself is not wrong. Please if that makes you tick, please go for it, while I keep at mine too. Lol
Have a fantastic Friday!
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Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1 MINUTE read!

I know the world may be hard on some of us, and I do not intend to make heavy or less whatever load it is you may be carrying. I also know that a lot of people are going through hard times. In fact, what is there not to be bothered about with the mass killings (Feel free to insert any Country of your choice), defections with political parties, with  over 200 girls who haven’t since been brought back home, public cry for basic needs such as good roads,  electricity and security..

Just know that someone somewhere has it worse than you. Sounds cliché right? Yes, but that’s just the reality. No need shouldering all of the world problems on your sleeves thinking that you can solve them all. Here’s a brutal truth, you can can’t solve any, not even one.

Live your life like it’s yours alone to LIVE, one day at a time!!!


Wednesday, August 13, 2014

10 Popular Phrases/ Advises that MEAN differently to ME- Part 1.

1.      Do not air your dirty linen in public; I ask, so please be honest when you answer. What makes your ‘content’ dirty? Who considers it dirty to begin with? As always, I like to use myself as a 'scapegoat'- not literally though. When one blogs about their personal experiences, it easier for them to talk about their lives without ever batting an eye. That way their readers find their posts relatable. One example is, reading through my full profile, you may find that I just openly “confessed’ about my Hello Kitty collections. While some may find this odd that a 29 year old is gushing about her demons, thus consider this   secrets or dirty laundry. In reality, I swear, I feel like I’m the healthiest when I open up.

2.      Like Father, like son; this phrase or advise (if you will) mean differently to me than it means to other people. Here is why. It embodies both a negative as well as positive meaning. If a man is successful, and his son is seen going towards that lane, it makes it easier to make such assumptions. It is negative because I know of a family, whose head deserves an award for philandering…. I may be going on hear say as I’ve never caught him red- handed. Lol. When I was going to find out about his son, I was told that his son was no way near his father. That he was a good boy. It didn’t even take me long to discover that the opposite holds true. He was nasty. He was a hard core cheat. And he lied too. Check that!
3.      The Grass is not always greener on the other side; I can’t tell you guys how many times I have heard this phrase. This phrase is for people contemplating a job change, or are always “shooting Nigeria down” by accusing the government for any misfortune..For me, once I listened to Justin Bieber' s song (As long as you love me), I want to believe that the phrase should be ‘the grass is always greener where you choose to water it. Simply put, I will expect as much as I must have invested into. Simple?

4.      Early to bed, early to rise; I love my bed… Sometimes, I sleep way too early than my tot whom we share the same bed. (That is bad ehn). Anyhoo, I’d like to say that it doesn’t always mean that if you go to bed early, you always almost most wake up early. For me, the opposite is always the case. Let’s just go over my routine.. go to bed early, wake up late, and go to bed late, wake up early(especially if you must fix breakfast, report to work, and take the kids to school).

5.      Call a dog a bad name and hang it; who doesn’t like to get rid of bad nonsense? Well, I do! This is our very existence-Seeing the bad in other people and analyzing them like we live in the same house as them. Often times, we are quick to pointing fingers and forget that when we are pointing one and a half fingers at someone, we have three pointing right back at us..In essence, if you must engage in name calling, make sure that there is no peace for the wicked.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Losing Faith in Humanity? No one has got it altogether!

"You must not lose faith in Humanity. Humanity is an ocean; if a few drops of the ocean are dirty, the ocean does not become dirty."
 I hear this a lot, I'll never trust her, no, never! Here is a quote I picked up from this community I joined on Google+, it is called “Newbie Bloggers.” It is one to remind everyone and ME of how important it is never to lose faith in people. Wasn't it the prodigal son that came back home? Wasn't it Saul (Paul) who later brought many souls to salvation? 
Again, with all of the going-ons in our country as well as all around especially when we turn on the TV, we start to curse on our leaders because of the too many atrocities... And in our neighborhood? when we hear that this certain uncle we held up high just robbed a bank, or that sister from the church next door is just too busy giving out free cookies to ignore everyone else. Immediately, we become a judge in our own right and conclude that this person or that person is a thief,  a slut, or a murderer, and as such restrict our dealings with only a few people we consider are "without sin" or even "holier than thou.".  We also tend to forget that under normal circumstances, they may not be bad, they are not all that we tend to project them. Majority of the time, it's their choices that have made them hypocrites in our eyes.
Love Always,

Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letting go...

Ever had an intense conversation with a friend where they keep telling you to let go?  Have you ever wondered what they really mean? This expression mean differently to different people, no doubt. But the one common thing is that they are trying to tell you loosen up like they know there could be more, but you are not just willing to spill. You should count yourself lucky when those you trust make such comments.

It was a phone call I got yesterday that stirred all of these emotions in me yet again, and Geez! I can’t believe that for 11 months plus I am still hurting. I had to talk myself out of it only yesterday when I remembered coming across this phrase of ‘Forgiving the offender even if they don’t deserve it.’  As this can be so profound, it can be so true. I know I’m about the only one holding unto some hurts, and you guys are not right? *scratches head* 

This morning, I was reading my devotional and VOILA! It was so similar to what I had experienced yesterday. I learned that forgiveness is a condition for our own forgiveness according to Matt 6: 14-15, as this could be evident in our physical and spiritual well being too. I know that many times we berate ourselves for being so gullible. And like me, I had to evaluate my relationships/ friendships, that I often ask myself what exactly went wrong.  For example, I have asked myself what happened to the red flags, or what made them not so evident to the point I ignored them? Again, this doesn’t change the fact that whatever happened, has happened, end of chapter!

 If you’d ever take something away from today’s post, it is this; the offender is never affected in all of this. Those days or nights you stay asking some rhetoric questions, blaming yourself on how things should or shouldn’t have played out, you end up doing yourself a disservice; you are suffering, and doing all of the thinking alone. Just think about that for a second! Please let them go, so that you could totally release yourself from the guilts, hurts and pains, and you’ll find that the benefit to you would be enormous.