Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Letting go...

Ever had an intense conversation with a friend where they keep telling you to let go?  Have you ever wondered what they really mean? This expression mean differently to different people, no doubt. But the one common thing is that they are trying to tell you loosen up like they know there could be more, but you are not just willing to spill. You should count yourself lucky when those you trust make such comments.

It was a phone call I got yesterday that stirred all of these emotions in me yet again, and Geez! I can’t believe that for 11 months plus I am still hurting. I had to talk myself out of it only yesterday when I remembered coming across this phrase of ‘Forgiving the offender even if they don’t deserve it.’  As this can be so profound, it can be so true. I know I’m about the only one holding unto some hurts, and you guys are not right? *scratches head* 

This morning, I was reading my devotional and VOILA! It was so similar to what I had experienced yesterday. I learned that forgiveness is a condition for our own forgiveness according to Matt 6: 14-15, as this could be evident in our physical and spiritual well being too. I know that many times we berate ourselves for being so gullible. And like me, I had to evaluate my relationships/ friendships, that I often ask myself what exactly went wrong.  For example, I have asked myself what happened to the red flags, or what made them not so evident to the point I ignored them? Again, this doesn’t change the fact that whatever happened, has happened, end of chapter!

 If you’d ever take something away from today’s post, it is this; the offender is never affected in all of this. Those days or nights you stay asking some rhetoric questions, blaming yourself on how things should or shouldn’t have played out, you end up doing yourself a disservice; you are suffering, and doing all of the thinking alone. Just think about that for a second! Please let them go, so that you could totally release yourself from the guilts, hurts and pains, and you’ll find that the benefit to you would be enormous.


  1. My sweetheart is coming out strong.

    I don't know if i ever told you this...... no matter the grammar we speak, you just listen and somehow you figure it out all by yourself. That is one gift a lot of people lack.

    one last point, am not a spirikoko, but i believe in God. Hold onto him and what he has in stalk is even 500% better than the former. He promises, a bigger, brighter and perfect latter...... Somebody say

  2. Surely! Though He tarries, wait for it