Wednesday, July 30, 2014


I know you guys like me, always look forward to mid-weeks...Because 1) you are not in the sick bay, nor are you wasting away at the bar and 3) because you still have some 48 hours to make ‘right’ all the 'wrongs’ from the previous 48 hours… Believe it or not, for me, It is such a big deal to see any Wednesday.

 So, we just got over this 4- day holiday  (even though, my body is yet to accept this fact), and I hate to welcome you guys back on here with such a long post. However, like always I would love to leave y’all with something positive to help kick start your day or better still help you through the remainder of the week. It is a quote by Ambassador Brahimi the Joint Special Representative to Syria for the United Nations and League of Arab States who during a graduation speech in Georgetown University MSFS Class of ’14 encouraged the students to

Work  for that day of satisfaction, and those 800 days [of frustration] will look like nothing.”

 Moral of this is: Whatever your hands find doing, let it be one that brings you joy, happiness and contentment so that you'll never feel a day frustrated.

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