Thursday, July 24, 2014

It was Love at First Sight...

It was love at first sight with us.. I saw him and I told him how lucky I was to have met him, and would be glad if he agreed to go home with me..
                                                                   * * *
It was July of 2008 that I said to myself I was going to spoil myself a little by taking a self-planned trip to this much talked about city.. I also met a benefactor who Jehovah used as a blessing to me to help increase my pocket money from 900 USD (Which I originally saved up for the trip)to 2500USD. Believe it or not this happened, but I digress.
As, I boarded this Ethiopian Airways flight with other 170 flight members, I could only think of one thing- meeting someone that we both could make history, that will be much talked about. You know that sorta feeling yeah? I was looking for that special one that would make me feel like butterflies have actually turned my stomach into their playground, so to say... Then, I snoozed off, after what I thought was an affirmation that my trip to Dubai would not only mean fun but could also mean having memories that would last for a lifetime.
As I was seated by the window seat of the said flight, and of course jamming to my ‘Affirmation’ album by Savage Garden, in no less than 30 minutes after that very pretty Ethiopian Air hostess made announcements for our final landing ( I like to believe that that was what I heard)lol. I was awoken by what seemed like a sharp tummy pain. Woo woo woo! I didn’t get my periods  yet. I thought to myself. Oh lord, how can? I had planned on being wild and silly upon meeting this special one. Oh Lord, please by your mercies, don’t allow this go bad for me yet I pray.
We finally landed and I saw myself making my way so fast like a mad girl to the baggage claim (I was very sure that I had hit this woman in her mid 40s. I glide fast before she could even react) so as to hurriedly head out to the Dubai mall. I did my research and had discovered that the must-see place  upon one's arrival was to go to the Malls. Hmmm, who would have thought? By the way that was some 2 years before Burj Khalifa or Burj Dubai officially got commissioned. But anyone on a trip knows that they have to go to the Malls at least before they leave the city.
In that cab ride, which seemed like forever because we crawled in traffic (thanks to me and many other tourists), I was so anxious yet so nervous that I was so close to meeting the ‘one’. And just as we pulled up in front of the mall, and the taxi man told me the cab fare, I handed him 20 Dirham, not minding if I got a change or not, I went south of the mall.
I could immediately tell that it was him, He wasn’t so chocolatey like I had envisioned, but I could tell he loved the fact that I didn’t hold back my feelings (at least he told me this later). He had even noticed me before I noticed him which was good I forgot to tell you guys how I got into the store and was going around like I hadn’t found what it was that brought me there in the first place. I turned because I could feel his gaze on me, though terrified that I would be the first to talk to him. I just broke the silence and extending my hand to him, I said hello, not sure I had heard a response, I immediately asked if he could be mine forever, not sure of what he was about to say but it did feel like I was giving him ideas. But I was smug too soon. The vendor, who had since retired to his desk when I started the conversation with him, noticed the way we talked and left us two love birds to be alone. With our hand locked together, I took him with me, and headed to the vendor, he started to tell me how good my tastes for good things were and told me I could take him, my Canon Camera  for just 350 Dirham. That made a whole lot of sense since I was going to keep him with me everywhere I went, and we both would make stories of our lives together. On my part, I vowed never to let go of him forever.
 Awww, so touching right?..     Thank you all for not judging me and my first love. I just had to share the story behind our love....


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