Saturday, July 19, 2014

#YOLO….5 Reasons you shouldn’t be YOLO-ING!

Hello guys! Apologies for the tardy post.. Yours truly had just recently gone through a difficult time this past week. From having my tooth temporarily replaced, and also having contacted a pink eye (for straight 4 days now) from my bean stalk lol…Thank you for sending those warm greetings!

For the love of all that is holy can we stop saying this YOLO for the following reasons;

1.      It is not an excuse to post an Instagram Selfie with that caption. Someone goes partying wild and naked, and next thing they upload a picture and caption it : YOLO. Are you this serious?!

2.      You’ve embarrassed yourself or someone else and tried to excuse it by declaring YOLO

3.      I just think that as an ADULT there should be some certain boundaries we need to set in life. Like seriously, a word like this shouldn’t even be in our dictionary whether it was intended for pun or not. I'm sure some so-called 'cool kids' hate to be associated with these. So why are the adults the ones having fun with all of these?

4.      You own personalized clothing with #SWAG, #YOLO, #EZEEGO and so on boldly printed on them. How can you be taken seriously?

5.      Last, just MAKE IT STOP (in Joan River’s voice). Because it’s like you’re making a MOCKERY of the creator Himself by telling him Hey! I own me, and He might surprise you with what He’ll do just next.

Have a fantabulous Saturday! I am just going to go out and jump ropes..

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