Tuesday, August 26, 2014

1 MINUTE read!

I know the world may be hard on some of us, and I do not intend to make heavy or less whatever load it is you may be carrying. I also know that a lot of people are going through hard times. In fact, what is there not to be bothered about with the mass killings (Feel free to insert any Country of your choice), defections with political parties, with  over 200 girls who haven’t since been brought back home, public cry for basic needs such as good roads,  electricity and security..

Just know that someone somewhere has it worse than you. Sounds cliché right? Yes, but that’s just the reality. No need shouldering all of the world problems on your sleeves thinking that you can solve them all. Here’s a brutal truth, you can can’t solve any, not even one.

Live your life like it’s yours alone to LIVE, one day at a time!!!



  1. #word#

    one day at a time it is

  2. One day pere!(translated to ONLY in Yoruba)