Thursday, April 24, 2014

Jumping to Attention

As a mother, I would like to say that majority of mothers who either call their babies such names by reason of intuition or love for their babies (not saying that kids who grow up without such pet names from their mothers weren’t loved by them). Before I digress too much, I was going to share a little with us how parenting has made mothers super-experienced at listening to their child, either when they coo or cry. We see that mothers are almost always available to attend to the needs of their child. Be it at night or during the day.
Where am I really going with an intro like this? With each passing day, even as adults, we are beginning to see the need to be at alert in our environment… I know some job applications often ask that the applicant explain how they pay attention to detail in the job they are seeking. This also applies to the current situation that we as a nation are faced with. When people see things going on around them, many a times we tend to pull off that ‘it is not my business’ attitude. And this should really not be so.
In the wake of the bombing incident at Nyanya Motor Park in Abuja, Nigeria, that claimed over a hundred lives and left about 70 injured people (May their souls rest in peace), I began asking myself what really happened with the bombers’ relatives. Didn’t they have friends and/or neighbours? Did any of those friends/neighbours/relatives get wind of anything before that evil day? If so, why didn’t anybody come forward to tell anybody? I mean like seriously. I still believe that a lot would have been done to avert the unfortunate tragedy.
While we cannot entirely turn back the hands of time, I implore everyone/anyone reading this post today never to ignore the need to always be attentive.
 Permit me to leave you with this anonymous quote I picked up a few years ago
“It is not because things are difficult that we do not dare.
It is because we do not dare that things are difficult.”



  1. Thank you globalmama2. How are the babies? We miss you :p

  2. We are like if on autopilot. Religion has taken away our rights to free thinking due to extreme dogmatism, reinforced by the many years of "divide & rule tactics of the military era. We seem to have lost our minds to the rat race syndrome and have become dog eat dog to survive. The cancer of corruption have eaten deep into our social fabric and has become a way of life that we now call the Nigerian factor. May Jahovah God help us and may the souls of our departed rest in peace.

    1. Thank you very much Kufre for taking the time to read my first post. Your arguments are very insightful. Please stop by sometime to leave your comments . God bless you

  3. We all have developed the "E no concern me" attitude. The bombings can go on so long it's not in Lagos or Kwara or Owerri or Port Harcourt I sympathise with the missing gurls and there is God..... balderdash upon thistles. I ask the same question Gift, u know and am like, I just can't believe one person, no matter how tiny teeny the person is, didn't have the faintest knowledge of what is to happen #whew# ... am sure he too wants to see what will happen or too fearful to speak (who no go fear Boko Haram?)

    It mortifies me that a whole nations government with all machineries of security at their disposal can't even address any of the issues at hand. All our past presidents, Governors and stakeholders are still doing E never concern us na.. because its Oga Jona's parade. Well, I'll take first Lady's infamous quote "there is God o".

    Nice one Gift..... I look forward to reading a lot more from u