Tuesday, April 29, 2014

April Recap: Standing up for the Weak

Hello guys!

The month of April is almost history. In many ways, April 2014 has been a bloody month. From the still-missing Malaysian flight to numerous other tragedies, man-made or human-induced, the world has been 'bleeding' literally. Incidents such as the earthquake in Chile, gunmen attack on residents in Gidan Aku in Taraba State, assault by a drunken police officer on two women in Lagos (when he should be protecting and upholding the law) have also been notable.

Add to that the ship mishap in Korea two weeks ago in which only 174 out of 436 passengers, mostly teachers and students, were rescued, the world has simply been counting losses. This is of course, in addition to the continued bloodletting in the northern part of Nigeria where the Islamic sect, Boko Haram has been relentless in perpetrating violence, another daring sample of which was the bombing of Nyanya Motor Park in Abuja about two weeks ago. To add grotesque gloss to that, two days later, the sect abducted over 200 school girls from a Federal Government College in Chibok, Borno State. More than half of those girls still remain in captivity or perhaps have met worse fate already.

 Amidst all of these tragedies, the menace of child abuse really bothers me. April is a month dedicated to Children who in various ways, continue to be abused by their biological parents, foster parents or just mere pedophiles. Child abuse is very real and very poignant. And it is steadily growing in notoriety. It breaks my heart to know that as adults, many of us don't tend to care anymore so long as it is not happening to anyone around us. I can understand why so many parents continue to live in fear and why many women would rather be stay-home moms irrespective of the lure in any public or civil service jobs.

Frankly speaking, we are not doing enough against this ugly trend that is fast eating into the fabric of our society. So as guardians, parents, uncles, aunts, brothers, sisters, etc, if you are well-invested in this evil, stop it. We can always do much better than take advantage of those we ought to protect. Mind you, there are always consequences to be suffered for this unwholesome treatment of children.

Here is hoping that during the out-going month, you have done your bit in protecting the children this month and that you will continue to commit to a life in defense of children's rights.

To those of us following on how the news of the abducted girls develop, may I tell you that It’s been alleged that the girls have been married off to men in Chad and Cameroon at the rate of N2000. As sad as it sounds, I really do not know where we are getting at with all of the craziness going around. So when you pray remember to say a prayer for the girls, and their families.

Here’s wishing you a fantastic new month ahead.

I love you my darlings :p






  1. Oh so sad about the girls. At times like this I hate to be called a Nigerian. And our govt isn't bothered. Hmmm. Nice blog though. www.secretlilies.com

    1. My sweetheart, thank you for taking time to read. The situation in Nigeria requires God's interventio Point!!

  2. It is very sad to wake up in NIGERIA everyday to hear new of terror

  3. Its May 14 and no news. ...few days ago a video went viral with girls assembled dressed as muslims squatted in a penitent position (May God hear their silent pleas for rescue). Am not sad about their dressing, not at all am just sad about their emotional and mental state that is violently abused every moment in a day. At least we know some are still alive and are in Nigeria, lets see what will be done. I pray everyday for direction for our leaders. As obviously human sense have deluded them, I seek on their behalf for the common good of everyone, spiritual sense and right judgement to handle national crisis