Monday, May 5, 2014

Do all women really look alike?

How about starting a brand new week with something to mule over in the way of our appearances and style. Of course, we will occasionally be doing some randomness on this page, playing with quotes and pictures only rather than full length prose all the time.

 I am a sucker for quotes (even though I very often don't remember the sources of my quotes). Call it old age, na you sabi o!  I have always loved Donatella Versace, and now I fell even more in love with Dona after reading this quote:

"Looking safe is never chic. It is ordinary. Instead, you owe it to yourself. I am not an ageist, but at least looking from the back one can tell that most women look alike. But from the front, we must accept reality. Sophistication is maturity's most appealing accessory….Youth would look a lot better with a touch more glamour and less FLASH."

You’ll have to be the judge! 



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