Monday, May 26, 2014

'Freedom is not Free'

I remember seeing the above quote at the National Mall when I visited the Korean War Veteran Memorial located at Washington, D.C in 2010. You all will have to agree with me that the statement actually holds true of what we see going on around us. The fight for freedom is fraught with pain. Generally speaking to have something, you must give up another- as is the price for freedom in the United States and other countries of the world today. Today is ‘Memorial Day’ in the United States-a day in celebration of the men and women who have risked their lives in fighting for the freedom of America. I cannot begin to tell you how many wars they have fought, how many soldiers that may have died, or those wounded in combat. But if you are an American History buff, then you would again agree that these soldiers deserve more accolades than they deserve. Below are those I would love to sincerely thank for the support they have given to the soldiers;

To those gone, the retired veterans, and those still serving today we remember you, and thank your spouses and children for have not refused your deployment when it came.

I also want to thank the government of the United States/ and Uncle SAM (Walmart) for the initiative taken to reemploy the veterans who still feel that they are never too old to work or even earn some extra cash

The Walter Reed Army Medical Center like many others, is a place where many military amputees receive treatment and therapy sessions when they return with their arm and foot broke.


P.S For those of you in the DMV area looking for places to visit, and or to pay obeisance to, I highly recommend Arlington National Cemetery, Virginia or Ft Meade in Maryland. There are also nice museums outside of the DMV. For example another interesting one I’ve visited is The Naval Base in Ft. Lauderdale, Florida which has some pretty things of interest on WWII and of course the Flight 19


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  1. I should get a checklist from you of the "Must visit places" seriously the American fight for freedom and their history remembering their Declaration of independence was a compulsory read for us in Jurisprudence and Human Rights class. I so miss those days we felt like we were part of something important.

    Well done Gift.

    Your writing skills is becoming an increasing Gift to us.

    Stay chic