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What do you do when your relationship gets sour?

I know everyone in a relationship always pray that they have a happy ending.  Oh yeah? On the contrary, in life some things happen when we least expect them. Perhaps, at this stage, the two partners might decide what the outcome of their relationship would be. Several signs can be used to determine whether a relationship is on its way out. These include lack of communication, physical and emotional abuse among others. When these signs emerge, it is time to act sooner than later to save the relationship (if both parties are willing). The following are essential to fix a relationship that is starting to go bad.

Determine what is going on?
Instead of blaming each other for who’s done what (as this isn’t going to fix the problem) as this only translates to having much more anxiety and aggravates anger. Here, both partners would need to sit down, diagnose and troubleshoot to come up with very amicable solutions. When speaking of solutions, it should involve strategies that can stop the problem from recurring again. It should also be able to answer questions of why? who? and what?

Accept Responsibility
Most of us always envy healthy relationships when we see one. You must know that it didn’t take a day for it to get to where it is at. Likewise with bad relationships too, they take time as well. In other to fix a bad relationship going south, every partner should check what they might have contributed and what could have led their actions. By doing so, it creates room for both partners to air out their grievances, correct one another and accept responsibility. Accepting responsibility is one of the best ways to save a relationship

Adopt New Relationship Rules
If a couple senses that their relationship is heading south, it is time to re-evaluate and may be seek newer ways to make it better. After you must have diagnosed the causes, may be replacing a lot of things with newer ideas could just work that magic. Here, you could lay down measures that could serve at hindrance to the future relationship you two are hoping to have. These rules, however, will depend on what the relationship would become. The couples could try to aim at achieving the type of relationship they once had. Issues like frequent communication, physical and emotional satisfaction, boredom, disagreements among other factors have to be addressed.

Rekindle the Love that you once shared
This will rekindle those feelings you once had for each other when you first met. Go to restaurants, go to the cinemas together, and hang out together more. If you are used to gifting, please go to doing all those things you used to do before. These will arouse the love fireworks you had (except you are a hard core extracurricular master or mistress). Believe it or not, the relationship will be brought back on track.

It is not easy to always have a perfect relationship. Every relationship turns into a bad state sometimes. It all depends on the couple to see if theirs can work out or not. And to those who may have tried all four and even more, yet the relationship broke irretrievably, not to worry, love will soon find its way to you.

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