Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Beauty Swagger

I know that common sense may dictate to us that of course eating healthy will automatically translate to staying beautiful. While this is true, it will make you get noticed for your skin as well, not just the way we beat our faces (as is the newer term now) lol. Back to my gist jeje... So I was going to tell us why it is important to eat healthy  as this will not only transform our interior (organs, tissues etc) but also our exterior; our skin, our nails, our hair, and yes our teeth.

Ever wondered why we see some people and may never be able to guess their age? While some may argue that good genes are a contributing factor, the major important factor to consider is to have a healthy eating habits. Period! This doesn't have to do with age but I tell you what, less stress on your body, giving to people albeit not grudgingly, and of course the "happier" you are, the more flawless and or healthy your skin will forever look.


  1. Agree with you babes, healthy eating all the way: from inside to outside. We should not always wait till OLD AGE before we start eating right, let's also teach the young ones too, so we have all round healthiness.

    1. Absolutely! God bless you my sweetie ):

  2. My eating habit is terrible��
    My God-given ever flat tummy is definitely not flat anymore��