Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Happy Mother's Day

Sorry for the last post guys! The weekend was so very busy; I shall get to tell you all that it was I did in a later post. 

I would like to talk about my mother. I have been told very nicely of always giving her credits. Like an only child does to her parents, when they have no one else to sing praises of. Since my dad’s passing, who better to sing praises of than my mom? I may not be her only baby. Matter of fact, she has five of us, yet a remarkable thing she does for us, is to protect us like a mother hen would to her chicks-no matter how old the chicks are.

I usually like to observe the Mother’s Day Celebration that falls in this month of May. Just because I hate to keep up with the Anglican, Catholic or Protestants dates in Nigeria when I’m not even a Kardashian. lol There is something very peculiar about my own observance of this month; it is the month that precedes my mom’s birth month. You see why this Mother’s Day is of great importance now?

So on this special day mom, I would like to tell you all that you already know. That my siblings and I, oh did I forget your grandbaby?  We love you very much.. I personally would like to spoil you rotten like you did me. I only wish that I would be able to give you a fraction of the much you gave us, and are still giving us but I know that somewhere in your heart, you already know the obvious. May God continue to keep you.

Again, Happy Mother’s Day Mother.  I love you so much, and to other moms (including fathers who single handedly raise their kids) , keep doing what you do, your hard work never goes unnoticed. *Kisses*.

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