Friday, May 30, 2014

My visit to the Hospital

Apologies for the late post! Today,  I took my tot to the hospital because she had had a swollen foot, and saw how this nurse was taking babies after babies to the circumcision table and cutting off their fore skin with a razor blade. Gross, right?  This just started to make me think of the quirks of births and deaths.  Just recently the owner of Manchester United Malcolm Glazer aged 86 died on May 28, the same day as Maya Angelou the American poet  and guess what they both shared in common? Both had same death stats. As some are dying (not necessarily because of their old age), so also are babies getting born.

Every day is a blessing… How would you be remembered if you were never to wake up? By the way, the month will be coming to an end in a few hours. How are you guys turning it up?


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  1. I'lld love to remembered for my contribution to humanity by restructuring the face of Nigerian laws. Gift, am already sounding like a super hero shey? I should get a Nobel prize award for my ingenious thoughts......lmao