Monday, June 2, 2014

To Invest or Not to Invest In A Camera

Happy New Month my lovers!

I was a guest at  this wedding ceremony this past Saturday and to my horror, there are literally no pictures whatsoever to show as proof. I wasn't a Party Crasher, however, but not having several pictures to 'idly browse through at every second' , just made it really really bad.... I blame that on the power failure that hasn't been fixed since Thursday. Yes, frigging DemoCRAZY day. Had there been light, I would have at least taken some pictures using my 'Crackberry.'

The part that 'pained' me the most was seeing Dare Art- Alade emcee at the reception (Yup, I saw him, but was unable to FAMZ him Chai- DARRIS GOD OH!)  and not even having had a picture of him were I to make boast to my friends for seeing him in real life was all the more annoying. But on a lighter note, what would you guys rather I do to save any future disappointments with the phone, or with the Power distribution people.

Should investing in a camera or a phone with a powerful precision do the trick???


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