Friday, June 20, 2014

Letter to My Mom on her Birthday…

Dear Mother,

Just when I thought I had seen, known it all, you continue to inspire me with so much from that well of knowledge that the Almighty himself had endowed you with.. I cannot begin to tell you how much we hate to love all of the morning devotions that you indirectly call out each and every one of us from across the room. I remember the very first time I shaved all of my brows (Titfam you caused it, LOL) a day to my matriculation… and the next morning, you preached about it. Remembering that incident and others (Oh, and that love letter you gave me a scar for accepting a letter from the chap at my GCE lesson) which you’ve spoken about in recent times makes me even more thankful knowing that you have our best interests at heart.
I can’t begin to express all of my gratitude to God for keeping you because then I would be considered an Author in an instant. I know He has many more years, and good things planned out for you. You just need to remain calm and thankful so that He would perfect all of the many covenants He’s made with you. Mom, you give us joy, happiness, and yourself to those whom you make acquaintance with.
I also want to tell you again like I did on Monday of the importance of taking your Calcium, Iron pills, Garlic and Moringa seeds. If possible, I will also look for the bath and laundry soap for you, because our priority for you is to stay healthy and fit, so why wouldn’t you anyway? lol
For being a faithful mother, I do hope that you find humor in that little surprise everyone planned out for you…On behalf of my brothers, sister and Kolombo we want to wish you a Happy Birthday. And we say OWN it mom you still don’t look a day older than 47!


P. P. S it is not late to catch the Moringa fever. It has proven to be very effective. So my dear readers do not wait until later to start.
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  1. Happy birthday to a virtuous woman.God bless and keep you for us.

  2. Happy birthday to your mom, Gift!