Tuesday, June 24, 2014

All About Me / Love and Sex..... Lesson 2

Remember the 'If you  ever wondered HE could cheat' post  that was posted sometime in May? Well, here is a continuation of that series.  The Lesson number 1 was to trust yourself which makes me move unto the lesson of today

Lesson 2:  Be a 'ME' Before You are a 'WE'

It is better to pursue your career, pick up that job that you deserve, have that bank account you've always wished you had, establish that business idea. So that when things finally go down (not that yours truly is hoping that they do) , you can be able to conveniently bounce back  and forge ahead. Some faithful believers would dismiss this argument, and say to pray that one's relationship never goes south. Do you really blame them? No! They are very right, but I would still stand my grounds on this one that every thinking man in a relationship or not should make it their priority to either do the above or do whatever it is that would ultimately make them happy.

Life can be hard, especially when the society has set standards for us. But believe me guys when I say that this same society will never have your back if you decide never to go with the pack. No one can promise you tomorrow but yourself... In any case, you should be ready to fight some fights alone, and be you not someone who's trying so hard to be a man pleaser or one who loves to live in another person's shadows.

I loved today's weather. Not so hot neither was it so cold. May  be that was the inspiration for the post you think? May be not. Lol.  Cheers to having overcomed that  Monday fear that 'so easily beset us' lol

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