Monday, June 30, 2014

Motivational Monday: That Appointed Time

There is nothing I hate more than when I don’t feel like I’m fulfilled or when I feel like I am yet to reach a certain target that I had set for myself. If this is happening or has happened to anyone, then this is relatable. Then again, I just happen to realize that things happen either by chance or it’s another way of God telling us that our time hasn’t come yet. Life really is turn by turn. There is an appointed time for everything as with every man. There is a time you must walk before you drive, another time you must eat a meal a day or nothing at all to eating thrice a day. .. The moment you start to compare your life and or progress with someone else, you miss the goal. Thankfully, competition has never really been my forte. For instance, I know that my destiny is not the same as my daughter’s and vice versa. It makes no sense trying to second guess the answers to all of the whys and what ifs.  So why would I ever want to sweat the things that I do not have instead of focusing and or strategizing on how to be a smart worker?
Moral of this is, whatever gives be content, and knowing that the your own appointed time to arrive is only a few hard work away, will go a long way. Nothing in this life is permanent. The reasons we do not know the answer to our delays are so that they could help us stay humble and content when we must have finally “arrived.”

Remember to put your best foot forward in July as with the remainder of the months in 2014!

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