Thursday, June 19, 2014

5 Things I hate, the 6th is an ABOMINATION Ep. 1

Hey guys! I know many of you are as terrified as me upon reading the blog title huh? Don’t you worry, you will soon find out why.
Ever Since I moved back to Nigeria.. I am still confused whether to continue to stick to the word relocate or visit… But I digress. Ever since returning back to Nigeria, I have continued to imagine the things that people do here, those that could almost make one’s head explode from thinking them through! In no particular order, you will find out those things that irritate me more than anything else. Again, these are from my own experiences.

Number 1: Unsolicited Advice

When an older woman sees you, or those you perceive to be older than you (say age 35 or so), they always feel the need to offer you a firsthand account on how you should take care of your child. It has been raining cats and dogs these days, and little me, got a cold. I took her to see her peds yesterday. And I was eating akara (which by the way has been a breakfast ritual). Once, we settled in the lobby to have them pull out our card, this woman with her own baby on her back in the rain (hawking puff- puff and donut) came to me,  and here was the short but uncomfortable chat we had:
 Her: “Madam don’t give that girl that dry akara, she needs water”. This made me uncomfortable, and everyone had their gaze fixed on me.

Me: Without holding back, I immediately said you do not have any right whatsoever to tell me how to care for my child. She’s mine and not yours can you just face your business already? Mind you, yours truly knew that was petty to reply to her, (I did because it has repeatedly been happening to me) just while we were walking from the parking lot to the office, She had demanded for water, I gave her. What gives her the right to open her mouth to speak?

Her: In Yoruba she said “emi ko ni dasi oro oloro mo. Translated- I will never have to poke my nose into what’s not my business

Me: Nigba ti e mo be, kilode t’ese d’ake?  Translated- When you knew that common sense like this existed, why did you care?

 Has this ever happened to anyone but ME? Please feel free to share your experiences.

Happy Thursday!

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  1. Gifthin, please I don't want to laugh...good one sha, every body na doctor, pro because they are older than you or have more kids than you.