Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Babe Vs. Baby. Which do you prefer to be called and why?

These are a general form of endearments no doubt, but do you guys think that one may be going too far when they refer to you as this person’s “babe” or ‘baby”? You must know that these terms however, are restricted to just the “significant other’ than Pet, Love, Dear, Honey etc. Plus Baby seems to have stayed around than most. Again, this is most common in American English and the American culture refers to one’s lover or significant other as “baby” or “babe.” But the Brits have a different opinion. While I researched this topic, I came to realize that the young people in UK (Particularly females) use babes as a singular pronoun when talking to just anyone (but again, particularly to females). By the way, this blog post was inspired by a BBM broadcast I saw today that had me thinking if really there was a difference between “babe” and “baby”. If you want to know my thoughts, please continue below.

Babe –aka chic (except that I hate to add the k that makes one feel like a hen birthed them) is someone a guy is not that into (heard of that phrase before?) A lady or woman may hate to be called that by strangers. For instance, a guy says something about a hot girl he doesn’t know “she’s a babe’ or to a hot girl whose name he doesn’t know “hey babe” For me, I’d get offended if been referred to as a babe by someone who I don’t know from Adam.

Baby- this term is mostly used by those in an intimate relationship. It is more for couples. For me, it means “I adore you” but has a slight implication of “you’re so cute” attached. But I would be a little insulted if someone other than my “personal person” calls me that. I hope I didn’t just overanalyze that hahahahaha.

From a guy’s perspective now, I think people start out calling each other “baby” more than they do “babe” because it just sounds cute, but when you are with your girl for a while and you’ve gotten used to her, all of a sudden you start calling her “babe” I think it’s more of a laxed way of calling her “baby.” Basically, I’d like to venture that “baby” as a pet name is directed much more by men towards their women than vice versa. I’m yet to have any direct evidence on this point as yet. This is because neotenous features such as large eyes, fine hair, and high voices are important in determining women’s attractiveness.  Notice that babies also share the same attributes.

But guys whatever you decide to call your partner, or whatever you would have them call you, I think it’s best to have an understanding before your choice of endearments is seen as offensive. Or better still, getting a lovers’ manual should prove useful..(Not kidding).  If I were asked for instance  if my man calls me “Shawty” as a form of endearment, how would I respond?  While this would easily irk me, I’d just say in the absence of endearments you could use my middle name huh? But more importantly, just make sure that the endearments he or she uses on you cannot/ should not be used on anyone else, at least to my own understanding. You call that overanalyzing abi?



  1. Dearie!!! Nyc post yeah pls tell them ooo even married..... Be calling,...their baby.....please who is at home? Huh*smile baby mama?.I will prefer my middle name.

  2. hahahahahaha. I am trying to tell 'em. Hope they heed to this 2 kobo suggestions lol