Thursday, June 12, 2014

In case you ever wondered if “they” could ever cheat…Read this!

In case you ever wondered if “they” could ever cheat…Read this!

When it comes to reality TV shows, I would prefer to be called a junkie in that regard.  Please allow me tell you all about the shows I enjoyed watching so much the whole of last year. These are ‘The Real housewives of Beverly Hills and The Real Housewives of Atlanta. Needless to say, all of the Housewives shows out there have in more ways than one, won a fan over. In all of the shows, however, I would immediately have a liking for one or two cast members,   In the case of the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. The two people I love from the show are Brandi Glanville who is very outspoken. This lady could literally wash you and take out to dry on the line. She is a no-nonsense person.  I also love Lisa Vanderpump. Why? May be its something with the Brits, but I just like the fact that when she talks about anyone, she can be so bold to talking about it in your face. She is a typical me -feisty, I would say! lol But I digress.

 I would like to talk a little about relationships today. I once read a story from Glamour (May 2013 publication) on my cast member Brandi Glanville about her break up from ex- husband Eddie Cibrian (who had an affair with Country singer LeAnn Rimes). From her revelations of what happened exactly, she has learned 9 things of which I have chosen to blog about BUT on a separate post. Anyway, Brandi who once opined to the fact that her marriage wouldn’t fall apart without a fight, is now grateful that she survived the mess intact and wants us to learn from her very public agony. She calls her experience a heartbreaking one, and hopes that this truth will set you free.

 Number one lesson is to learn to Trust Yourself

In any relationship, you just have to trust your gut on this stuff. When your heart tells you otherwise follow through on what you’re hearing, or what you perceive, before you walk yourself to an early grave as a result of heartbreak. Brandi would say that she suspected her ex-husband then. She gave instances where he would be on the phone with some lady, when she asks; he always says it’s his co-worker, and all that. I know some of you reading this would want to cut off my head already by saying that a partner should be trusting of their partners. But hoooneey, there is no bad thing asking. If you smell a rat, trust yourself to open thy mouth and ask. In case you don’t know what they say of assumptions. They say it could be the mother of all fuck ups. In other words, it is better that you ask, than to assume or ever be left heartbroken. Y’all heard?
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