Friday, June 13, 2014

Reason Why I am looking forward to the Weekend

Hi lovers! I will be moving house tomorrow, into a big one for that matter. It is so big that everyone gets to have their own room and the guests too. Lol. But there is room to share with your favorite especially when your sins may want to haunt you at night (Chuckles). Another reason I say that the house is a big one is that during our play time, it may be difficult for my tot to find her mommy. Guess that’s always the fun part. I want to say that I am also lucky I will be getting away from some ‘neighbors’. Anyone have a neighbor that constantly pounds at 4am in the morning right on top of your head?  Or worse, those who tend to use the rest room at every 15sec /hr.. Talking about space I, like many people will be happy running away from the troubles in my life (In Craig David’s voice). Who wouldn’t like to own their own space, or their own room? I’d love to have one special room that would most probably look like a fabric/ shoe and or purse house while another room would be strictly for my bed. (Though, I claim to not possess this much space). However, the simple fact that I get to hang up all of my picture frames, and have my room themed “Hello Kitty” makes the move all worth it this weekend. I will be posting up pictures after my room is well arranged and looking picture perfect.
Cheers to the frigging Weekend and Cheers to my tummy for accepting to comply with the compulsory fast during this time!!

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