Monday, June 30, 2014

Every Woman Needs Their Girlfriends…

This blog post was inspired by one that I had read via a mutual friend’s page on Facebook, and I thought it would be very nice to share with you guys so to evaluate your relationships. lol

Lately, I just asked myself if truly I had girlfriends. I mean those ones that you guys could literally cry, laugh and cry again leaning on each other’s shoulders. But the answer I got didn’t quite surprise me. Yes! Because some people are only around you when it’s beneficial. Or could even be all lovey- dovey.  But I digress.

Kari was at the beach some years ago, and could hear the laughter of women in earshot. She presumed they were in their late 60s. Later that day, she was in an elevator with them and commented on how close they seemed, and what made their laughter so loud. They answered that they have been having this beach trip going for twenty years, and have been through everything- cancer, divorce, death etc. The older you get, the more you’ll need them. Oh my goodness! That’s such a long time right? Anyway, I am going to talk about Emily she is the one her friend Kari had blogged about. Emily’s husband (Joe) had died and before his death, Kari knew that the duo were no ordinary couple. They were very close. The death of her husband came as a shock. It happened that when Kari arrived at Emily’s home, she saw that all of Emily’s friends (from adolescence, college, law school, work and motherhood) had driven by or flown in to help plan the funeral. She also reckoned that they all recalled pertinent details of Joe’s life. As I read, I was hoping that the ladies would only handle the small issues while Emily would fill in the blanks. Just because they knew her and her husband well, they did a lot to lighten up their friend.

As I typed, I began to wonder how many of our friends are willing to be vulnerable before their friends.  Especially in our own country where religion and culture are interwoven, people would rather not want to share details of their relationship, and it’s even a taboo for a married couple to share anything with anyone. One would think that in the church, it would have been easier, but no one wants to be purged or judged of opening a can of worms. Times again have changed, especially these days that economic hardships, divorce, unemployment, and high mortality rate is fast becoming a global phenomenon. No one is an island, when all else fails, you girls should be able to do bible study, go shopping, meet each other over lunch and do all other fun stuffs. The older you get, the more you’ll need them to help you cope through life. Every right thinking woman should never do away with their girlfriends.  God uses our women folk to help us become the hands and feet of Jesus. While our male counterparts equally try to do their own best, they simply cannot understand us like ourselves.

Being a good friend also means that you too are a strong and reliable friend. I hope this post comes off as a reminder that our girlfriends matter in good times, bad, laughter and tears, and through the high and lows of our lives. As this is an indicator of who’s really with us, and who is willing to share in our moment of laughter and joy. So next time when we are laughing in an elevator, we would be proud to share the history that makes the laughter, the cries so real that it piques the curiosity of everyone in earshot.

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