Thursday, June 5, 2014

Nostalgic Thursday…

You know that sorta feeling you get when listening to an old school song. Hold up! Did I just say Old School? Yup! Yours truly is getting older. lol.  Well, this album “Human” from Brandy Norwood had got to be my favorite. This album was released December 08, 2008,  and while this album is unique surely, my favorites are numbers 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 8, 10, 13 (which of course takes me to another world)  the rest are ‘non- skip’ songs. Please take a moment to view the album songs;

1.      The Definition

2.      Warm it up (With Love)

3.      Right Here (Departed)

4.      Piano Man

5.      Long Distance

6.      Camouflage

7.      Torn Down

8.      Human

9.      Shattered Heart

10.  True

11.  A Capella (Something’s Missing)

12.  1ST & Love

13.  Fall

14.  Gonna Find my Love

15.  Locked (Locked in Love)

I was just listening to' True' that’s number 10, and the lyrics just got me thinking..There is nothing worse than being in love alone,  not being the ONLY for your partner, and for your partner just to be having fun with your heart makes it a harder pill to swallow.  That one  na serious Gobe (In Davido’s voice). Been in love takes maturity. The two people must be trusting of one another. If you are not feeling your partner tell them politely let them walk out or erase you out of their lives forever. But leading people on, is something that I know is unforgiveable.  The last line in the bridge of this song says ‘it wasn’t real when you said I love you.” Made me remember one of the quotes I had seen some time ago.

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  1. Love the quote n I truly loved the long distance number 5. I see reality with each piece you post. I dare to say a heart that once loved truly will always find love truly.

  2. I love No 5 too, but the lyrics of that number 10 got me as I listened in on the album all over again... Love is a wonderful thing. I am so obsessed with it..looool