Tuesday, June 17, 2014

For the times you want to Talk, Think and Speak logically…

Like most people I know (except the never see evil, do evil type) I know we all are as guilty as charged when it comes to talking idly/recklessly.  I hate to liken us to people having a “diarrhea mouth” but in a sense, some of us can open our mouth and spit $*%$& and not say anything reasonable.

Today’s blog post will be a summary of how to be logical with our ways of thinking, speaking and acting. This could also be a good tool for those of us who are always quick to blaming the devil for any mishap. Are you ready?

Rule 1: Law of Identity: Things are what they are whether we like them or not. As in eh, you must put up with some things in this life. Example at Shoprite (Nigeria), when you approach the guards by the door, they must tear your receipt either you like it or not. Lol The fact/ rule will not bend to meet your own expectations. It is a reality for now, and not how you would wish it to be. In essence, be ready to deal with facts.

Rule 2: Law of the Excluded Middle: Let your “yea be yea” and your “no be no.” Always give a straight yes or no where necessary. There is no middle ground or sitting on the fence if I were to put this politely. The law is not to try to keep your opinions open by staying in the middle or hedging when it conveniently favors you. No half way measures, no middle ground. You have to make up your mind, and stand for your ground for whatever your decisions and or commitments are.

Rule 3: The Law of Non- Contradiction:  Do not contradict yourself. It is as simple as that. If you say you’ll be there, be there! Don’t say or fight for one thing, and the next minute you’re doing just the opposite. Be consistent in your thoughts and actions. Can I hear someone say amen? You will be considered a flip flop, a negative Nancy, a pessimist. Can someone please borrow me words from the Thesaurus?  Don’t be confused, easily misled or at best be a lunatic who has no clear understanding of the basics. Basically, you are showing responsibility when you begin to demand for people to follow through on the things they say they would do.

Hope you’re not having a slow day today.…


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  1. C'est interesante!!!! C'est vrai!!!

  2. Merci Cher(e), essaie de retourner!