Friday, May 23, 2014

An Ode to the Commode aka The Thinking Space

A clean toilet is every one’s pride. It is a place one can think things through, and can also enjoy a quiet time – for three minutes, for five or even 10. Ever thought of that place in that way?

Depending on what you need more time for, it is a place to think. We visit many toilets in our lifetime, but the one at home always seems to be a favorite.

P.S   I started doing a lot of thinking lately in my toilet… and I have had visible results via this medium. If you’ve never considered this an option, I’d advise you try. At least there are many people I know who may be really pesky otherwise, but then they respect the ‘I want to go use the bathroom/ toilet’ excuse (without them following you). Tell them you need to be alone they wouldn’t let you be, but keep asking you to tell them what the matter is. So if going to the commode is the only way by which you can give them the slip, then why not go emptying your bowels whilst you potentially process some thoughts/ ideas.

It’s an option worth considering, don’t you think? 

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