Monday, September 1, 2014

The Ninth Month and Its Implications

My guess is that by now, as in being in the ninth month many of you would have achieved that year long plan of getting a good job, getting engaged, married, birthing your kids, either in this order, or vice versa. No kidding! Then again, it’s September, and we are only three months away from the end of 2014 which begs the question as to whether our set goals have been attained or not. There may be those who have no goals to begin with, but have since January been going head on with every other month like it’s their making. I do not want to judge anyone you know why? Not like I’m fully in either camp, but just that sometimes I can’t even find where I belong. I experience the guilty pangs of not confronting a deadline head on, and  not fully committed at them. I hope that the purpose of today’s post is to encourage you guys as with myself that for the fact that things may not be panning out as we had hoped, we can still stay focused, and encouraged that  our rewarding days lay ahead.

Hold on! Hold out!!


  1. Am holding on to this "we can still stay focused, and encouraged that our rewarding days lay ahead."

    I don't think i belong to either camp or resolutions or goal makers and getters, i just take a step at a time and gets results whatever it is i begin my day with.

    Good one Gift...........i miss reading.

  2. Thank you sweetheart. I hope your exams went well. As far as meeting up with deadlines or resolutions, we are both in the same boat. lol We will keep praying that God helps us. Thank you for taking the time to read. It is always a pleasure reading your comments. God bless you.