Tuesday, September 9, 2014

What My YORUBA Friend Taught Me About Eating Etiquette

Apparently, I have been self opinionated and pompous to have believed that once I make an utterance of being full- after eating that it is, a drum will be rolled out in my honor. I lied.

As you may already know, I love to eat akara at least 3 days /week (and now please do not ask me what I eat them with) lol. So after eating, I said “oh I am full” hoping that what would follow my statement would be something in the lines of Thank God, you wouldn’t have to whine or fuss about not eating breakfast since you already had a huge meal. I was again wrong! What followed instead was the opposite. My colleague goes ‘Hey you don’t say something like that, IMAGINE! You have already said that like three times already’. He continues to say that in his tribe, what I said would automatically be misconstrued as a proud statement. Instead you say, Thank God for provision. I know that most culture in Nigeria like to attribute everything to God or god, (sometimes they put all two in the same pack), and like me, always operate a faith-based life, and hence always believe that God comes down literally to tend to our daily needs. I must say that while I know that is the case for many households in Nigeria, there are individuals or even families who also think otherwise. What do I know?

P.s For those with a different opinion, please share your thoughts I'm listening.

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