Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Yayyy! I am VICTORIA’s Role Model

I have been the one to look up to people… This I have been doing since I realized I was growing mangoes on my chest. I had thought it was a wonderful experience or one of those bragging rights of any woman to be able to say they look up to someone because of reason A or B.
The job market in Nigeria has made me cry blood if ever I was to get away with any of my exaggerations…Little did I know that today, would be my happiest day. And oh, by the way, if any of you still know about that Facebook nomination the one that people get to be nominated by friends to say what they are grateful for, please tag me.
It happened that a teenage girl (who I think just got her periods today, not sure why I feel this way about her though. lol) and her mom came by my office today. Actually, this happens to be her second visit, and we discussed about a variety of things INCLUDING life (Not like I know where I’m headed myself, but I could have swore that I gave her a honest opinion about where her life should be headed in some five, six years down the lane. Anyways, before they could stand back to their feet, her mom just said “its no surprise my daughter looks up to you”. I asked her what she really meant, but she gave me that eye look smiling and said nothing.  And it’s not like I’ve seen them before other than the first consultation last week, which I am sure didn’t last no more than 30 minutes. Then again, I was excited, I was giddy at the thought of it, that this mother made this open confession, and here am I thinking that the only person that could possibly be looking up to me should be my daughter. After all, in my right, I birthed her, I have sworn to lead by example, and she will have no choice than to do my bidding. The statement made me realize that I had to be grateful for the little things. I didn’t have to have a big job, hold a political office, or have had 4 or 5 children, or remained married(as some people still think these are the only standards to qualify one as a role model in our society) but right HERE is a girl- a single mother, one who holds a job that is nothing compared to her equals. Oh! It’s such great news to my soul and I pray that God blesses Victoria and her mama.

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